So now we have Windows 10 installed, with all appropriate updates as well. No apparent reason to believe that we are not in possession of the best software. Then comes the rude shock. For some reason, while we have the most recent version of Windows, the Blu-ray playback option is non-existent. From Windows 8 upwards, the Blu-ray player has been let go.

While Windows 10 gets native support for MKV and High Efficiency Video Coding, it still does not support Blu-ray playback. What the provider has done is that they have done away with costly licensing fees for the Blu-ray software, and left the onus on the end user.

The increase in the digital distribution of movies, video games via streaming, and TV shows has impelled Microsoft towards doing away with built-in Optical Drives. This has become the norm for most providers these days.
It is unthinkable not to be able to play media on one’s PC.

So the question remains, how does one play Blu-ray on Windows 10?

Well, as is the case with all other technical glitches, there are solutions for this as well.

There are a couple of options available to the user:

There may be a possibility that your PC already has a DVD or Blu-ray disc player, and this would be the optimal solution. A quick rummage through the discs shipped along with your computer should come up with one of these: CyberLink Power DVD, Corel WinDVD Pro, or something similar. Just a quick install, and you’re good to play Blu-ray on Windows 10. Alternatively, all you need is configuring your computer by typing in DVD’ or Blu-Ray’ in the

Start window to locate it among the in-built Apps on your PC. This would solve the issue. For more details, watch 


There may be a strong possibility that these options may not be available; in this instance alternate avenues need to be explored.

A viable option at this point is to install the freely downloadable VLC Player. It has the capacity for opening most file formats, and can be used as a substitute player. A word of caution, however, making sure of a standard anti-virus installation on your PC, plus safeguarding against untrustworthy sources will be a wise policy.

There are more options for free download software available for playing Blu-ray on Windows 10, apart from the VLC, namely the KM Player and the Daum PotPlayer.

If you do not have a Blu-ray playback drive on your PC, (more and more PCs now come minus the optical drive) it may be a good idea to create and use virtual discs. These are just software images that can be played back without any requirement for an optical disc or drive.

You can create the Blu-Ray image’ by ripping the contents from your discs and saving them on your local drive. Make sure you have plenty of storage space on your disc, since Blu-ray files can take up to 50 GB space. The ideal solution in this instance would be an external hard drive. You can download and install the Blu-ray Ripper for Windows:

Handbrake is another free to download ripper that tops the chart:
However, if paying for something guarantees safety, then here’s a packet that won’t cost the earth, yet give optimum results: This is now on an 8-day discount for $19.95 for one PC.

Play Blu Ray on Windows 10

Not everyone is comfortable ripping DVDs and loading them onto their PCs. For the uninitiated there are various options for free downloads of software to play Blu-ray on Windows 10. Here are some of the ones we have curated:

The 5K Player- Plays any Blu-ray video, whether ripped and saved, or downloaded online. It is capable of supporting any video format.
Leawo Blu-ray – One of the best free software for playing Blu-Ray on Windows 10, just install and follow the user guide.
PotPlayer- It’s free, easy to use, and can’t be bettered for a lightweight suite for Windows.
MacGo- This has only a free trial version, post which the full version needs to be bought for $29.95.

With all the alternatives and free options outlined above, play Blu-ray on Windows 10 without a care. In many respects, it is considered one of the many blessings, if not challenges, of Windows 10. We hope this article has served the purpose.

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